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Welcome to PPVC’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) diagnostic health check! PPM Brochure

Our PPM diagnostic health check consists of 9 primary capability dimensions, each comprised of between 3 – 7 sub-dimensions for a total of 38 capability sub-dimensions as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: PPM capability maturity diagnostic health check.

Our diagnostic health check is organized as follows:
  • The 9 primary capability dimensions are located in the leftmost column.
  • Each primary capability dimension has between 3 – 7 sub-dimensions which are displayed in rows. In total, there are 38 capability sub-dimensions.
  • Clicking on each sub-dimension displays a scale from 1 - 5, each representing a capability maturity level from 1 - 5.
  • You may either complete the survey in parts and ‘Save Answers for Later’ or complete the entire survey at once and ‘Submit All Answers’. If you choose to complete the survey in parts, you will not lose any answered questions as long as you ‘Save Answers for Later’.
  • Once your survey answers are received by PPVC, you will be contacted by Dr. Richard Bayney within 48 hours to set up an appointment to discuss your results. Before this appointment, a written report of our diagnostic findings will be sent to you.
  • All subscribers have immediate access to PPVC's library of training videos, webinars, books and papers.
  • Depending on your subscriber option, you may also have access to the following:
    • Competitive benchmark analysis on all 9 primary capability dimensions and 38 capability sub-dimensions.
    • Portfolio health check (top line growth and gap analysis; waterfall value creation and resource consumption analysis; portfolio balance; prescriptive narrative).
    • 2- 8 hours of retained consulting.
Using PPVC’s nonagonal PPM diagnostic wheel (Figure 2), let us help you (a) diagnose your PPM capability strengths and weaknesses, (b) create transition plans to improve your overall PPM capability maturity level, and (c) inform you of where you are relative to your competition.

Figure 2: PPVC’s nonagonal PPM diagnostic wheel.

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